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Holiday Lighting

Create your own wonderland of customizable colors and patterns at your fingertips.

Interior Lighting

Commercial & residential interior lighting will bring your environment to the next level with added elegance.

Exterior Lighting

Commercial & residential exterior lighting brings your landscape to life with the bright outdoors.

Commercial Lighting

Set your business apart from your competitors, by added permanent holiday lighting to capture more traffic.

Residential & Commercial Lighting

With our control panel you can design a new experience whenever you feel the urge to update your holiday or special event. You can be as creative as you would like in your new customize lighting. Multiple color and pattern options at your fingertips to choose from. Complete control is in your hands from our mobile app or your control box. Including the ability to setup day and time choices with our set calendar auto activation options. Our user-friendly interface will have you making changes with ease.

Eliminate the Every Year Hassle

Brighten your holidays this year and the years to follow with our permanent everyday lighting solutions. If you are looking for Christmas lighting this year, consider going permanent.  These wonderful lights stay up all year round so you don’t need to deal with the every year hassle of hanging Christmas lights. These light strands are seamless, you don’t even see them during the day. Before you hire another company to hang lights, inquire first about our lights.  It may be the best fit for you. Never setup lighting for the holiday season again. Enjoy the beauty of holiday lighting without the hassle. Choose the serene pattern for your style and home; no matter how simple or extravagant with our customizable product.

Operate Lights From Your Phone

Our system offers control of multiple zones for simultaneous or separate activity to customize your look. Our lighting solutions are invisible in the day light, so you can feel comfortable with your lighting permanently . They will be embedded into existing fixtures and will include caps to blend into your home’s exterior for a seamless transition every holiday, birthday, or special occasion. We offer free permanent lighting estimates, so don’t wait, call today for us to come to your home and measure the roof trim and layout.  We have a team of specially trained installers for installation of permanent lighting, whether it is for you home or for a company.

Free Gutter Cleaning
With the Purchase of Holiday Lighting Installation
Free Gutter Cleaning
With the Purchase of Holiday Lighting Installation

3 Easy Steps

Contact us today and schedule a free holiday lighting estimate, we will come to your home or office and measure the roof line to get an accurate lighting estimate.

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  • Schedule Installation

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Different Lights For Every Holiday

Set Yourself Apart From The Rest

Here is a list of per-programed light colors and patterns you may choose from to brighten your Holiday.

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Use Your Lights For Special Holidays Too

You can benefit from permanent lights, not only for all holidays but from events as well.  Here is a list of events that you can use them for, just to name a few.

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Hire a Lighting Professional
Stop Breaking Your Back Year After Year and Hire a Lighting Professional
Hire a Lighting Professional
Stop Breaking Your Back Year After Year and Hire a Lighting Professional