Thinking back about my childhood and some of my fondest memories. I’ve had so many stories about my times with family driving around looking at lights year after year. Not only were there many wonderful stories, but a true passion to continue this tradition with our families. The only difference was; as parents now, we know the back-breaking work it takes to setup the experience and hang lights.


I made the decision to try and bring back this tradition in an easy and affordable manner. After digging in and doing research I found some communities participating and setting up wonderful light displays for families to enjoy. As we investigated affordable and easy options for families, I came across new lighting product most people are not aware of yet. The are permanent LED lights unlike any others, these allow you to decorate all year round. I put the plan into action and started Forever Lighting and became a certified installation specialist. As a team we have enjoyed bringing the ease of beautiful holiday and event lighting to our customer fingertips.