The EverLights Control Box gives you the control in an easy and convenient set-up. We will install the EverLights control box in your garage, carport or any other dry area to protect the control box from wet weather conditions. The control box will connect to your home or office wi-fi network. The box will control and power the lights installed on your home or office building. You will have the convenience of deciding the color, patterns, times, etc. to give you your desired look and feel for the holidays or special upcoming events.

When installing the control box. We recommend that box be installed in a garage or within the building to preserve the life of the box from wet weather conditions. We drill one hole through the building to run the wires through and connect to the control box. Generally the control box is mounted near an outlet. If the outlet is not near the exterior wall, generally an extension cord is ran from the outlet to the hole where the wires are fed through. We make sure that all wires are neatly tucked away.

Once the control box is mounted and wires connected, we then ask you to down load the My Every Light App for connectivity, which we will assist you in doing and make sure that everything is up and working before our installers leave. Once everything is all connected, we walk you through the app so that you know how to use it and select colors, patterns and timers. Its all a breeze from there.