My Control Box is Not Responding

If the lights are not turning off, you can unplug the power supply for a short time. That will turn off the lights before you can see what’s the problem with the box.

If you see green lights on the Control Box, but you can’t connect your app, try pressing the reset button. That just might do the trick, but you’ll have to go through the setup process once again.

If there are no green lights on the box, you should check the power connection. First, make sure that your power supply cable is connected and working. You can tell that it’s working by the blue light on the power supply. After that, ensure that there is a proper connection between the power supply and the Control Box. The lights on the box should light up. Make sure that the power switch is turned on.

If that didn’t help, there’s another option. Disconnect any lights connected to the power box, leaving only the power supply plugged in. Then, hold the reset button for fifteen seconds. When you let go of the button, the lights should come on. If not, try unplugging the power supply, waiting for five seconds, and plugging it back in. If the box doesn’t respond after that, it’s definitely malfunctioning. You should call us at that point.