The Color of the Lighting/Effect is Incorrect

Unfortunately, this is probably due to a bad light. The damage is most likely in the data line between the last working light and the first non-functioning light. Replacing both of them will solve the problem in most cases. It may only be necessary to replace one of the lights, but replacing them both will ensure no future problems in that data line.

If the color gradually changes across the array of lights, change the color to white. If you see the array gradually turning to yellow, finishing in red, you need a power booster. We recommend a booster for every 75 feet, but you may need more. It depends on the overall power load, as well as if there are any splits in the power line.

The only other thing that could happen is damage on the length of a wire with no lights connected to it, or perhaps with a Y split. Both of those cases point to data signal degradation, which can cause problems with the lights’ color and brightness.

In simple terms, if there’s a long piece of wire between two lights, try placing another light in between. Each light acts as a signal booster to ensure no data degradation between lights. Something like a Y split does that as well because you basically cut the signal strength in half. Adding a light to each end of the Y split should solve the problem. If this solution raises some aesthetic concerns, you can cover the lights up with some tape or a bit of paint. Electrical tape works best.

One LED is Showing the Wong Color

You’ll probably have to replace the light. These are known as RGB LED lights, which stands for Red, Green and Blue Light Emitting Diodes. They are basically three lights in one module, and the difference in brightness between them makes up a certain color. When only one light is showing the wrong color, it’s probably because one of the three component lights is damaged.

There is an easy way to test this out. Using either the Control Box or the app on your phone, set the lights to red, green and blue colors, in no particular order. Each time you switch colors, check if the problematic light is on. If it’s not lighting up when one or two colors are set, the light is as good as dead. Remove it and replace it with another one. The only good thing about this situation is that you only need to replace one light, instead of two as is in most other cases.

If the light is working in red, green and blue settings but only displays the wrong color, it simply means that the lights were wired the wrong way at the factory. That is really uncommon, but you’ll have to replace the light nevertheless.