Complete Functionality Using Mobile App From Your Control Box

What makes these lights super cool is that you can control them from your mobile device.  After you install the easy to use app on your phone, you will have the ability to choose from per-existing holiday colors and patterns or you can create your own and save for another time. You can change colors, add or remove colors, select from several patterns to add that extra touch to your holidays or events. You can schedule the lights to turn on during certain hours of the day and have them automatically turn off at night, just in case you forget. This easy to use app makes life a bit easier managing lights.  And its fun.

Control Your System From a Mobile Device

• Choose from over 300,000 colors to customize the look and feel on your home or office.
• The app offers custom sequence builder tools, that allow you to select from per-programmed colors and patterns or you can build your own colors and patterns and save for later use.
• Changes you make are instant and will allow you to preview your color and pattern creation.
• With our timers you can set it and forget it. You can set you patterns to auto activate, so you never forget to turn them on or off.
• You can use our calendar function to set up a program with your sequences and patterns. You can choose a different pattern for holidays, birthdays, events and more.