Looking to save money on your electric bill by upgrading your Christmas lights to Permanent LED Holiday Lights?

We are excited to help you and the community upgrade your lights for the holiday season.  We know it can be frustrating shopping around to find that company to come and hang up lights as well as take them down each year.  Especially when your neighborhood is all enrolled in the annual Christmas Street for families to share heartfelt memories for the holiday season.

We would like to take the hassle out of your life and change your holiday experience by giving you a free permanent lighting estimate to save you money for years to come, provide fun convenient phone app controls and know you will never have to hang lights again.

Sugar House and Kearns Neighborhoods

For those of you who are already enrolled for the Christmas Street, take a look and see who has upgraded, saving money and gone LED, click the link below to learn more.

Cottonwood Heights Neighborhood

If you would like to enroll and bring the Christmas Street to your neighborhood or would like to see who is already signed up, click the link below and to get started.

Christmas Street Locations

Looking for Christmas Displays for you and the family to enjoy?  Click below to view all the Salt Lake City Christmas Display  locations.

Register Your Neighborhood

If your interested in bringing the Christmas Street to your neighborhood, click the link below to register your address and we will help you make it possible.