Easy Installation

We can ensure your installation will be top notch. Our installation team will follow our proven system to give you a wonderful experience with a beautiful outcome that will last year after year. When our team completes your project, you can feel pride in knowing you will never need to grab your ladder and climb the roof again.

Things to Think About

  • Where are you installing lights?
  • Where should the power booster go?
  • Is power available in the areas of need?
  • Which roof lines do you want covered?
  • Where are all the outlets?
  • Where should the control box be installed?
  • Do I want an extra terminal installed?

First Things First

Before our team of experts begins your installation, we will use our best practice system and take the time to develop the most efficient way to create the lighting design you have imagined.

Layout: As we begin your project; our experts will review your home and the layout desired. During this process we keep these key questions in mind.

Planning Out Lighting Installation

By verifying this information and planning out your installation we will save time and effort on your project. The sooner we can get the installation finished the sooner you can enjoy your new permanent lighting solution.
Testing connection to your control box: After our team has planned out your installation; we will test you control box responsiveness from the position you have selected to have it installed. We will ensure the box connects to your home network. The garage is the most common area for installation, but your home network may work better on one side rather than the other. For proper functionality you will need to connect to a home network with 2.4 GHz available.

Basics About Our Wiring

Our lights run with a three-connector cable. The wires located on the outer sides are standard 18 AWG power wires. The wire in the middle wire is a 22 AWG data wire.  We will match the positive wire to the +5v port located on the control box.

Zone Outputs

Your control box has an optional two zone output. Each zone can display the same pattern simultaneously or they can run independently. The wiring from each section of lights will screw into the black terminal blocks, which we will then insert into the control box. Your app will allow you to control each section independently or as a cohesive design or pattern throughout.