Seamless and Barely Visible in the Day Light

Permanent lights are the way to go. This is a new product to the world and illuminates the hustle and bustle of hanging up Christmas lights year after year and then taking them down. With these lights you don’t have to hang them year after year. These are permanent lights that stay up all year round. Normal lights you get the use of them for the Christmas holiday and that’s it and before you know it you have to take them down again. By choosing permanent lights as your lighting solution, you get a lot more use out of them for all holidays and major events. They are seamless and you can barely see them during the day. They line up perfect to the home or office roof edge. Colored light caps are available to help blend the lights seamlessly to match your trim color. keeping the lights consistence with the exterior color of your home or office building.

Old Traditional Christmas Lights

Traditional Christmas lights don’t always look the best after they are up, because of drooping strands or having to string a strand of lights to another section of the home or office, causes the end result to look sloppy. With permanent lights we install them only on the edge of the home or office where you want them displayed and if we have to bring the strand of lights to another section, we splice the strand and tuck the wire behind or install in the crease of the roof to hide the wires making it seamless. Giving you a professional and clean look at the end.
Once you go with permanent holiday lights you will never go back to the traditional lights. In the long run these type of lights will save you money and a bunch of time from having to hang them and remove them year after year.

Light Caps Come in the Following Colors

• Clear
• Black
• Beige