Residential Permanent Exterior Lighting

When the holiday season comes along, the time comes for you to decorate your house to reflect the festive mood. If you don’t have permanent exterior lighting, you know what that’s like — there’s a box full of lights and decorations somewhere up in the attic, or down in the basement. You wipe the dust off the box and start inspecting the contents. You plug each string of lights in and check if it works. Every year, there are a couple of strings with more than half of their lights not working.

Long story short — setting up holiday lights every year is annoying.

I swear, it’s like the roof grows a few feet each year. Either that or I’m definitely getting too old to climb up in the middle of winter and hang flimsy light strings and cheap decorations up on the roof and walls. I remember one time, it was three days before Christmas, late afternoon. I was decorating the house only a couple of hours, but daylight escaped me sooner than I thought.

Why Is Permanent Exterior Lighting Better?

There I was, sweaty and exhausted, in pitch black at the top of the ladder, ready to come down. I only had to plug the extension cord with all the lights connected into the mains power. As I was fumbling with the socket with my cold and numb fingers, my foot suddenly slipped. I hung on for dear life with my hands and jammed my other foot to secure it. Fortunately, the ladder didn’t move, so I was able to regain my footing and climb down. I swore that night that I’m never putting up lights on that godforsaken roof ever again.

The next day I looked into permanent exterior lighting solutions. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many options are available. I bought the one that I thought suited my home the most and I loved it! It’s amazing how unnoticeable the lights were when they weren’t operating. You couldn’t tell that they were on the walls without getting only a couple of inches from the wall.

The lights are infinitely adjustable, with a multitude of colors and patterns for you to choose from. You can even set up multiple lighting zones, so you can light up different parts of the house at different times. I found that option great for mood lighting in my front yard.

But most of all, permanent exterior lighting saved me the trouble of going up to the roof twice a year in the middle of winter. I no longer need to risk my life to set up cheap lights which I’ll probably need to replace the following year.